Módulo PrestaSpeed ​​de Prestashop


PrestaSpeed optimizes your database of PrestaShop, images and the configuration to increase the speed of access to the front office and back office, in addition to release space in disc.

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  • Versión: 4.4
  • Lengua: en, es, fr, cs, de, id, es, nl, pl, ro, zh
  • Compatibilidad: Prestashop 1.3 / 1.4 / 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7
  • Tienda múltiple:
  • Actualizaciones: GRATIS
  • PrestaSpeed optimizes your database of PrestaShop, images and settings to increase the speed of access to the front office and back office, as well as free space on disk.

    Module can erase all data of the statistics that are useless for the administration of the store and overload the database (such as user connections (, abandoned carts, etc.). We recommend using Google Analytics for advanced statistics and avoid overloading the database (with normal traffic, the database can become larger and larger and slower store).


    Module also optimize all tables in the database and removes expired discounts or abandoned carts to improve the size of the database. And now, to solve queries, tables and removes waste from the database, as well as show in the dashboard statistics (need to reinstall the module). And also can delete them orders valid by date and chariots abandoned of the users. For stores, this will help to eliminate old orders by date and save space in the database.

    PrestaSpeed is not limited to working with the database, the module can clear the cache and optimize CSS and JS files in your website and configure your store for the best performance , crushedr fonts, etc.. Now can use tasks Cron for optimize automatically it database of site. The module measures the speed of the site, and you can see the increase in the performance (is must visit it page main).


    Also has option of scroll infinite , for load some products in the page of the category and the rest is loaded as makes scroll in it page, saving much time when load them pages of category.  in PrestaShop 1.7, have added a new feature called InstaClick, that increases the speed of the site of preload of a url when the mouse of the user passes a link. It is necessary to enable the CCC to JS and CSS, and PrestaSpeed will do the rest.

    For the best performance in the back office, PrestaSpeed can optimize the htaccess to improve the loading speed of your website and set the best settings for caching, gzip, headers, etc..

    The last improves is the optimization of them images of your shop with service of YahooSmush / reSmush. Can get a size of image small with this optimization and apply to any image of product new u optimize all them images of all the products, categories images, modules / images of the template, logo, manufacturers / images of suppliers, images of scenes and images CMS. The modulo also allows you to delete all the images temporary to save space in the server. Or you can optimize images one by one. module has the option of restore (saved with extension - old) optimized images


    If your PrestaShop store has a lot of images , you can set a cron task to optimize all background images

    we have added the option to search and delete files of error_log. These files contains errors of prestashop and sometimes can be 1 gb or more in size. Now, the module can find and delete.

    A new feature if you use Youtube videos, is when you embed a video, Youtube loads a lot of scripts to your site (almost 1MB). With the new code of PrestaSpeed, the load size of youtube decreases, and make your site faster. You need to replace the old iframe code with the PrestaSpeed code.

    Rate before enable Youtube optimization:

    After enable the Youtube optimization:


    • Optimize database (clean garbage)
    • Optimize stats (connections, abandoned carts, pages of is not found, etc.)
    • Delete them old orders by date
    • Eliminate discounts expired
    • Optimize the configuration of template and cache
    • Enable gzip
    • Delete files of error_log
    • Scroll infinite
    • Youtube optimization
      • Facebook optimized block
    • InstaClick (PS 1.7)
    • Increase the performance of Htaccess in the panel site and admin
    • Optimize images (products, categories, cms, modules, themes, etc, individual images)
    • Cron's images and optimization of database
    • Multi-languag





    Versión 4.4
    Lengua en, es, fr, cs, de, id, es, nl, pl, ro, zh
    Compatibilidad Prestashop 1.3 / 1.4 / 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7
    Tienda múltiple
    Actualizaciones GRATIS
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