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Countdown Specials - Flash sales

Received: 12/13/2017 13:30:06
Customer: Verónica
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Wpress - Wordpress posts in PrestaShop

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Progressive web app and push notifications

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CSV/TXT/XML Cron Import / Dropshipping

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Customer: Jorge
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In this mini guide, we show how to change the currency symbol and position in PS 1.7

First, in this version of PrestaShop, you cant do this in back office, now all the currency data is stored in the translations folder.

You must open the file Translations>cldr>main-en-US-currencies to change the symbol   or the file with your lang, and find your country ISO, for this example is ARS (argentina), and find the section "symbol":"ARS", and just replace with "symbol":"$" or any symbol.

For the symbol position, open the Translations>cldr>main-en-US-numbers, fins this code "standard":"#,##0.00u00a0u00a4", and change to "standard":"u00a4u00a0#,##0.00"

the u00a4 is the symbol and u00a0 is a space.

And just upload the files and check it