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  • Commandes Supprimer
    Delete Orders

    Activer l'option pour supprimer des commandes dans la page d'admin -...

  • CoolShare

    Ajouter un marque-pages sociaux avec l'animation de la souris.

  • Mass price update
    Mass price update

    Ce module vous permet de mettre à jour la quantité ou le pourcentage,...

  • Categories image
    Categories image

    Ce module vous permet d'afficher le bloc dans la catégorie, mais avec...


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Countdown Specials - Flash sales

A reçu :13/12/2017 13:30:06
Client : Verónica
Envoyer à : Cangas del Morrazo, Espagne
Valeur de l'ordre :$63.00
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Wpress - Wordpress posts in PrestaShop

A reçu :10/12/2017 23:04:44
Client : André
Envoyer à : Vale de Santarém, Portugal
Valeur de l'ordre :$36.00
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Jquery automatic update
Tags like Wordpress
Block Manufacturers with images
Sizes Chart
Google Badge
SnowFlakes Lite
Update Old Browser

A reçu :26/11/2017 14:36:30
Client : Revsale
Envoyer à : mezzocorona, L'Italie
Valeur de l'ordre :$49.50
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Progressive web app and push notifications

A reçu :25/11/2017 19:29:54
Client : Luca
Envoyer à : Trieste, L'Italie
Valeur de l'ordre :$30.75
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CSV/TXT/XML Cron Import / Dropshipping

A reçu :24/11/2017 12:58:51
Client : Jorge
Envoyer à : Vals-près-le-Puy, France
Valeur de l'ordre :$33.00
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Smarty variables

All Smarty variables are global. You should therefore pay attention not to name your own variable with the name of an existing Smarty variable, in order to avoid overwriting it. It is good practice to avoid overly simple names, such as products, and to prefix it with your module's name, or even your own name, such as: {$mark_mymodule_product}.

Here is a list of Smarty variables that are common to all pages:

File / folderDescription
img_ps_dirURL for the PrestaShop image folder.
img_cat_dirURL for the categories images folder.
img_lang_dirURL for the languages images folder.
img_prod_dirURL for the products images folder.
img_manu_dirURL for the manufacturers images folder.
img_sup_dirURL for the suppliers images folder.
img_ship_dirURL for the carriers (shipping) images folder.
img_dirURL for the theme's images folder.
css_dirURL for the theme's CSS folder.
js_dirURL for the theme's JavaScript folder.
tpl_dirURL for the current theme's folder.
modules_dirURL the modules folder.
mail_dirURL for the mail templates folder.
pic_dirURL for the pictures upload folder.
lang_isoISO code for the current language.
come_fromURL for the visitor's origin.
shop_nameShop name.
cart_qtiesNumber of products in the cart.
cartThe cart.
currenciesThe various available currencies.
id_currency_cookieID of the current currency.
currencyCurrency object (currently used currency).
cookieUser cookie.
languagesThe various available languages.
loggedIndicates whether the visitor is logged to a customer account.
page_namePage name.
customerNameClient name (if logged in).
priceDisplayPrice display method (with or without taxes...).
roundModeRounding method in use.
use_taxesIndicates whether taxes are enabled or not.