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PrestAfip module offers an integration with the systems of the AFIP (Argentina), which allows you to generate bills online purchases made by customers in your shop.

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Today it is absolutely necessary to comply with the rules of electronic invoicing for certain taxpayers, and our module, allows you to generate fully valid for the AFIP bills.
From the module, you will configure the entire environment (tax information, passwords, etc.) and should only generate electronic invoices from the Orders section Prestashop.

The module installed everything necessary to collect tax information from customers (either in the registry or from the back office), and each client can view your bills from your account or receive them by email.

Unlike other systems, you do not pay any monthly fee, and you can generate all the bills you want.
Also, with the power offered by PrestaShop, you can generate invoices and customer orders created from the back office.

  • Issue invoices A, B or C, credit/debit invoices
  • Automatic invoices
  • The customer receives invoices in your email or from your account
  • All invoices have CAE and barcode
  • Link to validate bills
  • Database available all invoices generated from the back office
  • Download PDF
  • No monthly payments !!!

It is necessary to have an access level 3 to the AFIP site to generate keys. The system generates invoices in ARS




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